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1911 (2011)

Fall of the Last Empire
At the beginning of the 20th century, China is in a state of crisis. The country is split into warring factions, the citizens are starving, and recent political reforms have made matters worse, not better. The ruling Qing Dynasty, led by a seven-year-old emperor, and his ruthless mother, Empress Dowager Longyu (Joan Chen) is completely out of touch after 250 years of unquestioned power. Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) has recently returned from Japan, where he has studied the art of modern warfare. When he finds his country falling apart, he feels he has no choice but to pick up the sword, leading an increasingly desperate series of violent rebellions against the powerful Qing Dynasty and the New Army - several with tragic consequences.

Original Title: Xinhai geming
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 10/7/2011
Budget: $30,000,000
Revenue: $108,348
Runtime: 125 mins
Status: Released
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Adventure Action Drama History War Foreign