Never Say Die (1994)

Trying to kill him was their first mistake. Letting him live was their last.
The peaceful existence of boat repairman Blake (Frank Zagarino) is destroyed when the Reverend James (Billy Drago) shows up with his disciples. Back in the days when Blake had been a member of an elite commando force, James had been his friend. But things have changed. Worried that Reverend James has fostered a cult and is planning on a mass suicide, the government sends spies to investigate. The government is also concerned because a prominent general's daughter is among the cultists. When the spies are killed, Blake is forced to reveal his true identity and join the fray to stop James and save the general's daughter.

Original Title: Never Say Die
Language: English
Release Date: 5/24/1994
Runtime: 99 mins
Status: Released
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Action Drama Thriller