Hollow Man II (2006)

There's More to Terror Than Meets The Eye
In Seattle, after the mysterious death of the scientist Dr. Devin Villiers, Detective Frank Turner and his partner Det. Lisa Martinez are assigned to protect Devin's colleague Dr. Maggie Dalton. Lisa is killed while protecting Maggie, and Frank presses her to tell what is happening. She discloses that a veteran soldier called Michael Griffin was submitted to an experiment with the objective of creating the ultimate national security weapon, an undetectable soldier. However, the experiment failed, with horrible side effects due to the damage to the cells caused by the radiation. Michael is chasing Maggie to get the necessary buffer to survive.

Original Title: Hollow Man II
Language: English
Release Date: 23/05/2006
Runtime: 91 mins
Status: Released
Links: IMDB
Action Horror Science Fiction Thriller