The Bastard (1973)

The hero has no name and is dubbed by a passing merchant, "Little Bastard," a name he adopts for himself given his lack of known parentage. Hsiao Yi, or "Little Beggar," as she calls herself, latches onto Little Bastard and helps him find food and lodging as he searches for the parents who abandoned him as an infant 18 years earlier. He eventually finds his real father, a powerful and wealthy local and is taken in by him and his family. In the course of acclimating to his new family, Little Bastard is seduced by his attractive cousin, Ai Zhen, making Hsiao Yi very jealous indeed. However, the seduction and family welcome are all part of a nefarious plan by the father that. Hsiao Yi gets wind of this and tries to save our hero.

Original Title: Xiao za zhong
Language: cn, Chinese
Release Date: 2/6/1973
Runtime: 102 mins
Status: Released
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Action Drama Foreign