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The Fly (1958)

If she looked upon the horror her husband had become... she would scream for the rest of her life!
In Montreal, the industrial François Delambre is called late night by his sister-in-law Helene Delambre. She tells him that she has just killed her beloved husband Andre Delambre, using the press of their plant to press his head and left hand. François calls his acquaintance, Inspector Charas, and later the reluctant Helene is convinced to tell them what happened. She explains that Andre had invented a matter transportation apparatus, and while experimenting with himself, a fly entered the chamber, exchanging one hand and the head with him after the transference.

Original Title: The Fly
Rating: 7.1 Star Rating: 7.1
Language: English, French
Release Date: 16/07/1958
Budget: $700,000
Revenue: $3,000,000
Runtime: 94 mins
Status: Released
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Drama Horror Science Fiction