Lady of the Law (1975)

Jiao (Lo Lieh, in another of his more sympathetic roles) is framed for rape and murder (and, later, two more murders) by Chen and his son (played by the exceedingly fugly Dean Shek- who played the exceedingly fugly singing monk in THE BLACK TAVERN- who happens to be a serial rapist/murderer)- the same people who framed Jiao's father and left him orphaned. Into the mix comes THE LADY OF THE LAW, Miss Leng (Shih Szu), whose job it is to find the guilty. This she does, and she and Jiao find themselves battling pretty much everyone else who's appeared in the movie up to this point. (Jiao, who acts like an unsophisticated manservant for the Chens, has secretly learned the Flaming Daggers technique, though I don't recall him actually using this technique during the climactic battle.)

Original Title: Lady of the Law
Release Date: 6/7/1975
Status: Released
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Action Crime