Young and Dangerous 2 (1996)

The story in Young and Dangerous 2 is told in two parts: the first focuses on Chicken and his exile in Taiwan skipped over in the first film. The second half deals with the Hung Hing Society trying to ally with Chicken's Taiwanese triad "San Luen". The character "Banana" (Jerry Lam) is recruited into Ho Nam's circle. At the same time, an election to obtain the branch leadership status of Causeway Bay is underway, with Chan Ho Nam as its prime candidate, until a rivalry breaks out between him and another Hung Hing member, "Tai Fei" (Anthony Wong).

Original Title: Goo waak jai 2: Ji maang lung gwoh gong
Language: Chinese, cn
Release Date: 3/30/1996
Runtime: 101 mins
Status: Released
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Action Crime Thriller Foreign