Teens in the Universe

Teens in the Universe (1974)

Interstellar expedition equipped by "pioneers"(soviet scouts) reached Alpha Kassiopea and found that smart robots took control on hole planet. Their only goal - to make happy , as they understand, their masters. Happines was, actually, sutisfactions of primitive needs, and removing "disturbing" emotions like love, responsebility etc. A many years ago they succeded to reach this goal and all aborigines died out. A very little amount of people escaped from "total happening" and their descendants orbiting the planet in a big orbital station for many generations. Brave soviet pioneers land on a planet, destroy robots and bring it back to their residents

Original Title: Отроки во Вселенной
Language: Russian
Release Date: 3/24/1974
Runtime: 80 mins
Status: Released
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Adventure Comedy Science Fiction Family