Appleseed (1988)

Biodroids vs Humans!
In the futuristic metropolis of Olympus a terrorist attack takes place. A special ESWAT team, including Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires, is sent in to deal with the threat. They succeed in averting the immediate danger, but one of the terrorists manages to escape. The OVA tells the story of a terrorist plot to take over Gaia — the central AI running Olympus. This involves a disillusioned ESWAT officer and the terrorist who got away, and Hitomi, Deunan's bioroid friend who is used as a pawn to gain access to Gaia.

Original Title: Appurushîdo
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 4/20/1988
Runtime: 71 mins
Status: Released
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Action Animation Crime Science Fiction Thriller Foreign