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Tráfico (1998)

Uma comédia portuguesa
Joao Botelho wrote and directed this Portuguese-French-Danish comedy with a theme of money and a cobweb of interrelated tales. Young Jesus (Joaquim Oliviera) is taken on a vacation by his parents (Rita Blanco, Adriano Luz) to a deserted beach resort. They accidentally fall into overnight wealth after Jesus digs in the sand, uncovering a large drug stash. Others characters intersecting here include an alcoholic actress, a philandering banker, a general trafficking in arms, priests who close their church and head north as hitchhikers, politicians who watch an all-girl production of Julius Caesar, and beggars who recite a children's story in a huge heap of trash. Shown in competition at the 1998 Venice Film Festival and the 1998 Toronto Film Festival.

Original Title: Tráfico
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 12/31/1998
Runtime: 112 mins
Status: Released
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