Little Witches (1996)

Forgive me Father. For I am Sin.
Six misfit schoolgirls at an all-girl Catholic high school, left alone at the school for Easter week, get mixed up with the occult and witchcraft after an old Satanic temple is found underneath the church where they attend as well as an old book of black magic spells for conjuring up an ancient demon from the pits of Hell. Janie, the most characteristic and cruelest of the girls, takes charge of the group and plots to resurrect the demon using a series of black arts spells, while one innocent girl, Faith, has a change of heart and tries to stop them from completing their spell which also includes a human sacrifice.

Original Title: Little Witches
Language: English, la
Release Date: 12/23/1996
Runtime: 90 mins
Status: Released
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Drama Horror