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Up the River (1930)

With a remarkable all-star cast and prison break plot unlike any other, this offering by John Ford is sheer entertainment from start to finish. After they've served their prison sentences, Steve (Humphrey Bogart) and Judy (Claire Luce) get married and head to a small town where no one knows about their pasts. Soon, however, the crooked salesman (Gaylord Pendleton) who originally framed Judy finds them and threatens to reveal all if Steve refuses to join him in another crime. When they hear what's happened, two friends of the couple (Spencer Tracy and Warren Hymer) orchestrate an ingenious, selfless plan to help the couple - even though the two men are still behind bars!

Original Title: Up the River
Language: English
Release Date: 10/12/1930
Runtime: 85 mins
Status: Released
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Comedy Crime