Santo vs. the Diabolical Hatchet (1965)

In the Age of the Inquisitions, 1603, Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata, is being laid to rest by a group of monks. The Black Hood, an axe-wielder and a tormented soul who sold his soul to the devil after losing his love to El Santo, appears at the foot of his tomb and swears to seek his revenge no matter how many centuries it takes. El Santo is the chosen one and is sworn to fight for good and justice at any cost. After he finds his love, Alicia, dead at the hands of the Black Hood, El Santo must trust his faith and use his strength in this battle of good vs. evil.

Original Title: Santo en El Hacha Diabólica
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 8/27/1965
Runtime: 75 mins
Status: Released
Links: IMDB
Action Fan Film Foreign

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